We Miss Your Figure-1
We Miss Your Figure-2
Position of Being Inaudible
Anxious Tenet of Spectator’s Unfavorable Gaze
Mourning Figure of Negative Reception
Echoing the Thingness of Visual Quarantines
We already Forgot to Live under our Skin
Disappearing Image of Hazy Mind
”Molecular Gazing”
“Invisible Interaction”
“Two Trees”
Mute Presences-Girl with a Red Bow
Mute Presences-Fading Away to Thin Air
Mute Presences- Other Dimension with Surface Lines
Mute Presences- Unhooked from Itself
Mute Presences-Patches Next to Next to
Tarkovsky’s Entropy Lake
Tarkovsky’s Submerged Time Foliage
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