Freakonnature, Jan 7-28
Durden and Ray brings together a group of contemporary artists whose work explores attempts to control nature.

Ed Gomez, Kio Griffith, Phillip Griswold, Mary Anna Pomonis, Ty Pownall, Erin Payne, Greg Schenk, Sonja Schenk, Curtis Stage
Curated by Jesse Standlea and Steven Wolkoff


Slippery Stories, Nov 6-31
Opening Reception Saturday Jul 6th
An exchange between Durden and Ray (Los Angles) and Strange Neighbor (Melbourne Australia

Emily Counts, Tom Dunn, Roni Feldman, Linsey Gosper, Nicholas Ives, Donna McRae, Esmeradla Montes and Michael Vale

Native,  Sept 10-25
Opening Reception Saturday Sept 10th
Curated by David Leapman

Tom Dunn, Kio Griffith, Richard Kirwan, David Leapman, Mandy Ure, Roy Voss

The Newbies, Jul 9-31
Opening Reception Saturday Jul 9th
Durden and Ray Welcomes and Presents New Members.

Gul Cagin, Sijia Chen, Sean Michael Gallagher, Ed Gomez, Brian Thomas Jones, Nano Rubio, Jesse Standlea, Marjan Vayghan


AMERICANISM, March-April 2016
Curated by Steven Wolkoff

Gavin Bunner, Don Edler, Raymie Ladavaia, Ben Jackel, Casey Kauffmann, Yoshie Sakai, Sonja Schenk,
Ami Tallman, Drue Worrell

Alone Again Or, Feb 6-28
Opening Reception Saturday Feb 6th
A Survey of Figurative Painting that Contemplates the State of Solitude.

Matthew Buckner, Amir Fallah, Roni Feldman, Jon Flack, Max Presneill, Amy Sarkisian. Curated by Jon Flack



Remains, Nov 7- 28

Abstract painting and performative mark-making against the tide of mortality.

Ingrid Calame, Tomory Dodge, Scott Everingham, Jenny Hager, Alex Kroll, Susan Lizotte, Clive McCarthy, Max Presneill, Bryan Ricci, Kimberly Rowe, David Spanbock, Britton Tolliver, Steven Wolkoff.


Bearing Witness in the Drone Age: Surveillance and Snowden’s NSA Leaks Oct 4 - 31

Alex Benedict, Irene Carvajal, Antonio Cortez, Jenny Hager, Phillip Hua, Kiel Johnson, David Leapman, Yoni Mayeri, Doug McCulloh, Max Presneill, Matthew Silverberg, Steven Wolkoff. Curated by Matt McKinley and Hanna Regev


Within The Cave, Sept 12 - 26

Plato's cave metaphor about seeing reality.

Esmeralda Montes, Tom Dunn, Mark Dutcher, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Susan Lizotte, Julia Schwartz Kathleen Melian and Judith Linhares. Curated by Susan Lizotte


Yes In My Backyard, August 1 - 29

Hilary Baker, Maura Bendett, Sheldon Figoten, Jenny Hager, Susan Carter Hall, Christopher Kuhn, India Lawrence, Gabriel Luis Perez, Mandy Lyn Ford, Louis Schmidt, Andrew West. Curated by Christopher Kuhn


View From The Edge of the Soul, July 11 - 25

Roni Feldman, Vincent Hawkins, Christopher Kuhn, David Leapman, Heather Gwen Martin, Max Presneill, Geoff Uglow.

Curated by David Leapman


Murmurs and Intrusions: Nature and the Human Presence, June 6 - 27

Nick Brown, Gavin Bunner, Kio Griffith, Jenny Hager, Linda Lyke, Anne Martens, Ryan McCann, Margaret Nielsen, Claudia Parducci, Ross Rudel, Christopher Russell, Don Suggs, Wayne White.

Curated by Steven Wolkoff & Jenny Hager


HERE!, April 18 - May 30

Tom Dunn, Ariel Erestingcol, Roni Feldman, Jenny Hager, Raymie Iadevaia, Gil Kuno, Michelle Jane Lee, Susan Lizotte, Chris Kuhn, Esmeralda Montes, Claudia Parducci, Max Presneill, Steven Wolkoff, Jody Zelle